FatCow is ranked as a preferred host, and there are numerous reasons for this. Voted the #1 small business webhost, FatCow provides the tools, support and extras needed for success in the online environment.

FatCow was designed from the beginning to be different (if you can’t tell by the name alone). The host was born in 1998, in New Mexico, and has remained true to their original goals of offering simplified pricing systems, better customer service, higher customer satisfaction and less techno-speak.

Pricing Concerns

If you are considering FatCow for your webhosting needs, you will certainly be interested in just how much you’ll pay for the features listed above. While other hosts might hem and haw about their prices, adding a considerable amount for each feature they offer, FatCow offers a simple pricing plan that will ensure you have the hosting and features that you need – $55 per year (regularly $88 per year). In addition, when you factor in the free domain name (if you need one), you’ll see that your price is actually much, much lower than what some of the other webhosts are charging for less.

Reliability and Uptime Factors

Choosing a host that does not have the best uptime can be a terrible mistake. While all websites suffer when their host is down, small businesses in particular suffer hardships. Remember, every hour that your website is not available equals another hour during which your customers cannot make a purchase.

FatCow offers solid uptime and reliability – 99.9% per year. This is an essential consideration, as it will have a direct effect on your profitability and your branding efforts. Your customers will see a down website as a reflection of your company, not of the webhost.

Control Panel Information

Much like iPage, FatCow does not use cPanel or even vDeck. Instead, they offer their own custom control panel for their users. While this might alarm longtime users of cPanel, there is no cause for concern. In reality, FatCow’s control panel is actually simpler and easier to use than cPanel and more powerful, as well. Feature-rich and fully capable of doing what you need, this is a real winner for customers.

Customer Support and Service

FatCow was founded to increase customer satisfaction and provide better customer support. They hold true to that goal, and offer some of the best support and service in the industry. You’ll find that you can contact customer support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In addition, the company offers three ways to get in touch in the case of problems. You can open a chat window, call the company directly or send an email to the support desk. Of course, the FAQ section and the tutorials on the website are also huge helps for customers.

Basic Feature

Oodles disk space
Oodles bandwidth
Unlimited POP Mailboxes
Free website builder
Free domain name

Included Feature

24×7 Customer Support
30 daye money-back guarantee
Ranked #1 small business webhost
Search engine and social network credits