Established in 1999, PowWeb has been around for quite some time. It remains a privately owned company, and offers customers several key features. One of the key tenets of this firm is their insistence on offering their clients affordable, understandable hosting plans.. In fact, they only have one – called the One Plan. This offers considerable simplicity over the convoluted options offered by many other hosting companies.

PowWeb offers significant features for their customers, and is a good solution for either a personal website or a site for a small or medium business. However, larger companies with more usage needs will need to look elsewhere for their hosting.

Pricing Concerns

In keeping with their theme of affordability and simplicity, the One Plan is available for a very low fee. Only $4.88 per month (regularly $7.77 per month) gives you all the features above, plus numerous others, as well. This places PowWeb squarely with other industry leaders and ensures that you are able to maximize your web presence without breaking the bank.

Reliability and Uptime Factors

One of the things that you will notice with PowWeb is that they use a “load balancing” technology. The benefit here is that it reduces the chances of downtime by a considerable extent – virtually eliminating it, in fact. The way this works is that it distributes the content of a website across multiple servers. When a visitor browses the website, this splits up the server load across those servers, reducing the workload considerably.

In addition, PowWeb uses redundant backups, redundant power and mirroring solutions, as well. This provides 99.9% uptime, though the company regularly exceeds this percentage. Finally, you will find that PowWeb exclusively uses Dell servers, which have a reputation for durability and reliability in the industry.

Control Panel Information

PowWeb offers their customers access to a proprietary, custom designed control panel, called OPS or Member Operations Center. Here, you will find a considerable number of tools and features that enable you to manage your website to the nth degree, whether you need to address email accounts or your domain name. However, the one drawback is that the panel is not as easy to use as cPanel or some other widely used solutions on the market. You can expect to spend some time getting to know the panel and how it works.

Customer Support and Service

PowWeb offers good customer service. You can reach the service department 24 hours per day by phone, or you can choose to chat or email the service desk. There is also a message board on the company’s site where you can seek answers, or you can check the FAQ and help sections.

Basic Feature

Unlimited disk space
Unlimited bandwidth
Free domain name
Unlimited domain hosting
75 MySQL databases
Unlimited email addresses
Unlimited email forwarding

Included Feature

24/7 customer support
30-day money-back guarantee
Social engine ad credits
FrontPage and Dreamweaver support
Free ecommerce solution