There are many reasons for a person or group to want a presence on the Internet. Let’s take a look at some potential benefits that can come from various ways in which such people could use a web site.

There are two main reasons for an individual to have a web site. They may have a hobby or interest they are passionate about. Establishing a web site would enable that person to share their views with others that are also interested in that subject. Such web sites often include how-to articles on various aspects of the particular hobby, along with message boards for feedback. There may also be an option for visitors to upload image files for others to view. Eventually this may morph into a more commercial site, if the site were sufficiently publicized. This may also enable the site owner to earn some extra money from advertising by vendors in that particular field.

Secondly, a web site is an excellent way for widespread families to keep in touch. Speaking personally, my own family is spread over several thousand miles, and it was a shock to see a recent photograph of my nephew and niece looking very grown-up all of a sudden. A family web site would allow all family members the chance to upload images and pass on news without the need for expensive international phone calls. There are of course image-hosting sites, such as Snapfish, which allow the uploading of images, but they somehow lack the personal touch that you would have in a site of your own, and have no way in which news or chat could be passed around.

Small groups or clubs may benefit from establishing their own web site in many ways. Having an easily-updated calendar of events would benefit all clubs, as too would a current list of members contact information, securely stored of course. As with the family sites discussed above, news and images would be easy to disseminate too. This type of site would also be an excellent way of recruiting new members for the club. A links page would allow visitors to see similar clubs in different parts of the country, or even in other countries. There may be opportunities to supply advertising for local businesses, possibly in return for member discounts at those businesses.

In a similar way to the clubs mentioned above, a local charity would find many benefits in establishing a presence on the Internet. The chance to publicize their work, and the ways in which volunteers could help, would be an invaluable tool. It needn’t cost anything either, as you could probably find a local business willing to donate web space in return for an acknowledgement on the web site. They may even be willing to help design the site.

The costs for any of the above will range from zero to less than $10/month. None of the ideas I have mentioned will require expensive hosting plans, as the disk space and bandwidth needed should be fairly small. All that is required is the commitment to go and do it.